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to follow footsteps not made

and let them rot in the sand

25 July
External Services:


01. a fanfiction livejournal
02. a center for k-pop fanfiction
03. an elastic band
04. a center for rare pairs
05. a ship center of biases
06. a bunch of 2 pairings
07. a very new journal
08. a place for Super Junior, DBSK, BIGBANG, B2ST, MBLAQ, SHINee, SNSD, f(x) and many more groups
09. a bunch of poems
10. a place for my friends and my families <3

the author

the author is a very young author with a lot of spunk. she's a girl who loves reading smut and loves writing it. she's a girl who hates the normal pairings and embraces the odd ones. she loves making random communities. she loves the dark and staying up late.

give her something that she can work with and she'll get it done. but don't give her a gimmick. don't give her some used up plot. she likes being herself. you should be willing to understand that. you should be willing to understand her. she's canadian and takes her country and her loyalty very seriously.

name is jules. part of '97 line.


kim ryeowook. kim youngwoon. kim kibum. lee donghae. zhou mi. han geng. park yoochun. jung yunho. kim junsu. kang daesung. choi seunghyun. choi dongwook. jung jihoon. kwon boa. kim hyoyeon. choi sooyoung. amber liu. bang cheolyong. jung byunghee. jang hyunseung. son dongwoon. l joe. lee howon. lee sungyeol. jung heecheol. hwang kwanghee. lee jungshin.

super junior. dbsk. jyj. han geng. big bang. se7en. rain. boa. snsd. f(x). mblaq. b2st. teen top. infinite. ze:a. cn blue.


gentlemen_wonmi - siwon/zhoumi comm
hyukchul_chu - eunhyuk/heechul comm
kangteukmin_sky - kangin/leeteuk/sungmin comm
sihyuk - eunhyuk/siwon comm
sibum - siwon/kibum
dbskot3_love - dbsk ot3 comm
eightyseven_hug - seungho/g.o comm
simbaship - siwon pairing-a-day comm
mychunchun - fanworks comm

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