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Compilation of all the Pairings I like, and all the pairings I don't like.

SJ Loves:

1. KyuWook
I think that I will always love this pairing. They were really the first pairing that I got into. I can't really tell you why I believe that these two are real - I just feel it when they look at each other or when they give each other piggy back rides. Also, KyuWook were the closest when Kyuhyun first came to the group, because Ryeowook didn't hate him like the other members did.

2. SiBum
These two need to be shipped together more. I think that for an OPP (one popular pairing), that they should get more love then what they've been receiving. There is something there, in the way that Siwon and Kibum interact. They have a different relationship then the other members have together. And they are the actor couple, too. And the small group of SiBum shippers really do love SiBum more than other people like their OTP.

3. HaeWook
I think that this pairing should get more loved. Not only that, but this is my OTP for Donghae. When Donghae's father passed, Ryeowook was really close to him. Ryeowook is Donghae's number one fan boy. Ryeowook always helps Donghae when he needs help. Ryeowook wants to fill Donghae's empty space. Donghae always looks cute standing next to Ryeowook. Donghae always smiles when Ryeowook stands close. They wrap their arms around each other instinctively.

4. HyukMin
Like HaeWook, this pairing needs more love. They were friends since the beginning and it hasn't changed at all. They are still best friends and they are still the cutest pair out of all Super Junior. They just look so adorable when they are next to each other, and it's odd how not that many people write about them or ship them.

5. 2woon
Jongwoon and Youngwoon. I'm not even going to explain why I love this pairing so much. They are battling KyuWook for my number one spot.

6. QMi
I really like the relationship between the happy Mi and the sarcastic Kyuhyun. Or Kuixian. I also believe that they are probably the closest in SJM, maybe after SiHan. They just fit together like a puzzle piece.

7. TeukRy
I have something with maknae/leader pairings, and TeukRy totally fills that love. And they are the 'songwriters' couple because they write a lot of wonderful songs together.

8. SiHanKiChul
I just ship all the pairings in this ot4. HanBum, SiHan, HanChul, KiChul, SiBum, SiChul. If you give me a ff of any of these four together, I will totally read it. I just really love these four and I believe that they should get way more fanfiction, when it seems like they don't get anything.

9. KangTeukMin
The umma, the appa, and the baby. Do I need to explain myself?

10. YeHyukChul
I like HyukChul and YeChul and YeHyuk. So I push these three together.

11. TukHae and BloHyuk
More TukHae then BloHyuk, but these two pairings are amazing for any crossovers. They just really work well, I find.

SJ hates:

1. KangMin
I just really don't like perverted pairings, and I feel that Sungmin just gets raped by Kangin the whole time that they're together. It's just not a pairing I like together.

2. KyuMin
It gets shipped way to often, and it's really the KyuMin crazy fangirls that go after KyuWook and QMi, that I ship whole-heartedly. Not all KyuMin shiopers are like this, but if they all weren't, we wouldn't have fan wars.

3. KiHae or top!Hae in HaeHyuk
I like submissive Donghae for HaeHyuk, so HyukHae, please, and KiHae I don't like because it's pushing away the pairings I like - HaeWook and WookBum.

DBSK Loves:
ALL OF THEM. But my favorite three are 2U, MinSu and YooSu. Nor do I hate any of the pairings <3


1. ToDae
I believe that these two were made for each other. The voice god Daesung and the smooth rapper TOP. They are also really cute when they're together, as if Daesung makes TOP get even weirder and crazier.

2. G-Ri
Just because GD loves Seungri way to much for it not to be real.

3. TaeRa
Taeyang and Dara. I just don't like the shorty to be all alone, you know?


1. GTOP.
Sorry, I just don't like these two together. Go find someone else that ships them.

B2ST Loves:

I'm to lazy to explain why I like these pairings. I just really like them.


ZE:A Loves:

1. KwangCheol
The moodiness of Heecheol with Kwanghee's aegyo makes something that I don't see that much in any other pairings. Plus, they look so good inn drag that I have to kind of love them when ever they're together. Plus, Kwanghee calls Heecheol useless, and I find that so cute because they always make fun of each other.

2. TaeKevShik, SiKwangCheol, Moon + Maknaes
Just really likes these ot3s. You can give me anything from those three.

Girl Group Loves:

1. Anything with YoonA, Sooyoung or Hyoyeon.

2. Amber + Luna or Amber + Henry
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