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bias list ~!

Super Junior Biases

Kim. Freaking. Ryeowook. The mouse, the cook, the lovable ball of fluff that I loved since the beginning when I joined the fandom. I've never been one to like the cuter ones, or cuter groups for that matter, but Ryeowook is an exception. He cooks, he's like the third umma of super junior (after hannie and teuki) and he has such the cutest poses and smiles and his voice is so good and I really like him so much so yes, I love him. And if you know me, I ship him with pretty much everyone (KyuWook, HaeWook, KangWook, YehWook, JaeWook, EunWook (especially HyukWook), MinWook, WookMi, WookBum).

Kim Youngwoon = the huggable raccoon Kangin~! Yeah, I have something for the appa of Super Junior, you got a problem?! This is why I seem to follow anyone that likes Kangin on tumblr. I only really liked him recently, especially because I joined k-pop, Super Junior for that matter, when Kangin had left, and therefore I didn't know that much about him, only that he talked way too much and took away my baby Wookie's screen time. I don't care now, I love him.

I love him and his sexy rapping! He's probably my favorite of the rappers. Especially in Sorry Sorry Answer - 'on and on precious love'. I found him after Sungmin and Yesung, and he's slowly risen to the top of my Super Junior bias list, especially after Super Girl (which is why I did this gif, lol). But Donghae is amazing, and his voice is to die for. Literally - I would die to hear his sexy voice in my ear. I love his interpretations, also, especially for Siwon, and I would ship SiHae 100% if I didn't love SiHyuk so much more.. The only problem is that I don't really like his OTP, HaeHyuk.

Say hello to the sexiest member in Super Junior. Like, even sexier than Donghae. HAVEYOUSEENHISLEGSBEFORE? Like, actually studied his legs and ogled over them before? 'Cause if you haven't, I will do a Zhou Mi spam for you and let you see the perfection of his legs. No lie, he's really sexy. Not only that, he's really fidgety, and if you've read a few of my fics, you know that I love that in a man. One that's a little shy, a lot like Mimi, but is still beautiful and doesn't really need to be. And my friend ships him with everyone so I stalk her fics for any Zhou Mi mentions <3. And any no!QMi fans, shut the fuck up, please?

DBSK Biases

PARK YUCHUN!!!!! Yoochun is fricking amazing. He can sing - damn he can sing. His voice is the perfect middle of high and low, and whenever he really works his voice, and he does 'that thing' with his voice that you love and you spazz because you love it so much (or is it just me?) He can rap - extreeemmeeeely well. Like frig, I would love him to rap for me. And he's so damn attractive. AND HIS NECK. His throat is so beautiful. His looks take pages to tell on Word. And I love him so much. Park Yoochun fighting! He's at #1 ~ !

JUNG YUNHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I think my twinnie, blueplue, really got me even more into him. My second bias used to be Xiah, but after B.U.T and Superstar came out, I became really attracted to him, like really. I think it's because I felt bad that I was JYJ-biased, and with this new Yunho-attraction, it made me feel less guilty. Plus, he is the cutest man in the world. Like in the world. Not only that, he's the greatest rapper, and his rapping voice is so cocky and confident. He's probably the best leader, and his honesty is wonderful. If I didn't have Chun and I was willing to give birth to 25 children, I'd marry Yunho.

B2ST Biases

Yeah, I like the guy that's showing off his abs (or making fun of Kikwang?). Jang Hyunseung saranghaeyo! I like him a lot. Even when he had that terrible, hideous bowl hair cut in Bad Girl (-shudders-). But I really like him. Like so much that he's my Beast bias. I can't really explain in such a great detail why I like him.. I just do? Like, I love his dancing skills. And he's tied to BB, so I love that too, and I love his singing voice. OH I KNOW. HIS EYES. HIS FRIGGIN EYES. If you haven't seen them flare up in Shock or before shock, I really suggest you look harder.

Some people may find him American, Thai, ugly, flat-faced, weird, not-a-maknae but I don't believe that! This is probably the only bias that my sister and I share. Son Dongwoon, the guy that really shouldn't be a maknae because Yoseob looks it. But I don't care~! His math abilities, his flailing-ness, his pretty pouts and the randomest hearts that you have ever seen make a man that I would certainly date marry. I am a pretty strong B2UTY (not as much as fivie), but not as much as the other fandoms.


Probably my only BIGBANG Bias - Daesung! Yeah, I know you love him. He's actually very sexy and I love any music video he's been in. And have you heard his new song? If not, I suggest you do. Daesung is really funny, adorable, sexy, and a great actor. Any of the parodies that BIGBANG have done, the role that Daesung plays is adorable and I especially love it when he played the girl role against TOP. I also love his 'SMELLLLLLLLLLLL' role from the Secret Garden parody. And, his voice is amazing. His voice is probably one of the best in K-Pop. I love whenever Taeyang and him or Seungri and him have duets because Daesung sounds so good. Unfortunately, I doubt he gets the attention he deserves.

BlockB Biases

Yeah, my bias is the one in the middle throwing his head around. His name? Lee Taeil, the shorter lead singer of Block B. But to be perfectly honest, he got my attention first. He was the one that was my desktop background for like, six months before my sister changed it to Yoochun. He was the one that had me dancing like a weirdo to Freeze for about three days straight. He's the one, with that tongue of his, that had me staring at my desktop background for roughly six months. He distracts me. Yes, Taeil distracts me. And if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have gotten to like the guy underneath him, because they are an OTP, and I wouldn't have been EVEN MORE DISTRACTED. I can't say that I'm a full on BBC, like how I am a Cassie or an ELF or a VIP or a ZE:ASTYLE, but I love Taeil.

Hello there, Mr. Bias Ninja. Do you know I hate you? Like, really hate you? 'Cause when I first saw you, I thought you were T.O.P. I thought that you would be like him, too. But no, when I looked you up, you were Pyo Jihoon, P.O, not T.O.P. And then I saw a tumblr post of you crying. Crying because of the harsh fans. Then I realized that you weren't T.O.P. And I kind of hated VIPs for awhile, and the fans that compared him to TOP and Zico to GD. I didn't want to talk to them because I saw you crying and you were so sad. But you are so cute, so adorable, so cute, and even with that wondrous, deep voice of your's, you are so cute and a perfect maknae. I just hope that people will see that.

ZE:A Biases

I think I am really in love with his flailing man. He's just so.. perfect! He's really funny, he has a great smile, he does some of the wackiest things in the world and it's just so wonderful to see him try to do these things. He's really attractive, too, and he was even before the plastic surgery. I love his hair styles, his girl group dances, his dorky laugh. He's untouchable. He's a complete fanboy. He's okay with admitting what boy groups he likes, who is his idol, who he wants to date or learn more about (like Krystal, lol). Sure, he isn't the strongest singer, but that isn't why he was put into ZE:A.

Hello to Jung Heecheol. Mr. Grumpy. But also Mr. Pretty. He really is the prettiest member of ZE:A. Like, I've never really been one to like pretty people, but Heecheol is a little bit different. He's just that spark of prettiness mixed in with his wonderful, grumpy attitude. I hate pretty people (ie Taemin) that act pretty. No, Heecheol knows that he's pretty, but instead of being a singer, he's a freaking rapper, which makes him even BETTER. And him and Kwanghee are on a lot of shows together, which I love, because I get to notice Heecheol's pretty and Kwanghee's funny. They are really good together, too, two rivaling forces battling together. Plus, I ship them together.

SHINee Biases

This is Lee Jinki. He randomly appeared on my bias list, especially since I fell in love with Minho first when I got into the SHINee fandom, but whatever. He's amazing. AH-MAZING. His voice, first of all, is sexy. Especially when he's singing rock. I love Lucifer for that reason, because there was a rock version and he NAILED it. Plus, whatever SM is doing with his hair, please continue. His hair is really awesome, and I really wish I could style my hair like that but my hair hates me. ANYWAYS. I really like Onew also because of his um, condition, which makes it hard for him to walk, or dance, or interact with other people sometimes. JongKey, making the name, Onew Condition, was one of the best births in the world. Love you, Jinki-oppa!

It was a tough decision, choosing between Key and Minho, and I finally chose my first bias, Choi Minho, flaming charisma, my love, my sexy flame that I will forever support even if the flame has died since someone threw some tofu into it <3 So um, how did I get into Minho? Well, my sister forced me to watch Lucifer, and I really liked him the most because of his shexiness and his rapping skills. I like rappers, if you didn't notice. And I really liked his voice and his appa abilities in Hello Baby. Unfortunately, and this is a big unfortunate, my sister fell in love with him also, so I started to look at JongKey/Onew more afterwards, but whenever I see that Oh My Gosh performance - I replay it a few times.

U-KISS Biases

There, there's some Key for you, lol. But Dongho. Again, like I said for Kim Ryeowook, I don't usually fall for people extremely adorable people. But if you hear this person before you know them - well, I thought that he was the sexiest guy in the world because of his deep ass voice that made me friggin swoon. I did swoon, actually. Faint into my laptop. His rapping voice is so nice and I love my rappers and especially my maknae rappers (except Kyuhyun, keep tryin, babe) and so this was just a perfect addition to the group of male maknae rappers that I adore! And the I realized he was like most maknaes - adorkable. Not like I don't mind. /wink

I can't explain Lee Kiseop. Maybe the only way is showing the thousands of SeopHo/DongSeop pictures on my desktop or pointing at Fivie. Either way, Kiseop, yes, I approve.


Well, this is Lee Howon. I didn't see his face when I first say BTD and didn't see him much until I went to go see some shows with him. My sister clicked with Woohyun, and I liked the rappers, as usual, so I liked him first, and he was super cute but also a great dancer and his name was so cool (HOYA is awesome, okay?) so I just had to fall in love with him. And it wasn't even like I wanted an Infinite bias because I have already so many biases but Hoya decided to be a ninja and dance like a frigging pro because he is a pro and make me mad and have to fall in love with him. He's a great and dancer, and I love his voice, whenever he does sing. But he takes my real Infinite bias' limelight. You shall see why below.

This is Sungyeol. Ever since 'can you hear me?' I have been quite interested in the tallest member of Infinite. Unfortunately - HE HAS LIKE, NO LINES. AND NO SOLOS. AND LIKE NOTHING IN ANYTHING. Sure, he may talk up during shows and he may be the king of selcas, but in songs he doesn't sing at all and he usually isn't in the front because of Hoya and Dongwoo. I'm sad. And people say that it's because he isn't that confident in himself. That's disappointing. Because he's a great singer, and he's a great dancer, and he should really ask for a few more lines instead of letting the WooGyu couple take all of it for him. You listening, Sungyeol? I hope so.

Girl Group Biases

First of all, if for some strange reason, you have something against me liking girls, just skip this part, for there are other parts. This is Kim Hyoyeon. She is the lead dancer of SNSD. And again, I cannot stress how much she annoys me. Why? Well, during albums and performances, she rarely sings. NO PARTS! I have nothing against Taeyeon, but she steals my unnie's parts. I'm sad. She's an excellent dancer though. And what I love about her is that when most people think of SNSD having long, luscious legs, she's actually short. Well, compared to Sooyoung, and I guess everyone does beside Sooyoung. Anyways, I love her live performances, for her sexy dances. I love how cute she is, too.

I think I really like her because she's so different than the other kpop girls. She isn't fake, she isn't plastic, she's real. She's a tomboy, she's fierce, she portrays sexiness and you don't even know it until you're searching up pictures of Amber's tummy. And I dunno, but having a person like her in K-Pop really eased me into the girl groups. At first I only listened to After School and a little bit of 2NE1. But this girl really got me into f(x), and then into SNSD (even if my sister still hates those nine for some reason), but I really hope that more K-Pop groups will realize how famous Amber is and why, and more girls like her will come out.

Luna. Again, I can't really explain her, either. Maybe I just like her way more than the other three? Maybe I love her voice? Maybe I want her hair? I dunno, she's just my second f(x) bias. Deal with it.

the Threesome that I ship Biases

I should call this the TaeHoHoon ot3! Or is it JiTaeHoon? Hm.. So yes, as you see in the gifs above, there are three people in this group of ulzzangs. Who are they? Some of the biggest ulzzangs in Korea: Park Jiho, Park Taejun, and Lee Chihoon. They cute, the bad boy, and the empty looks, as I call them. Chihoon is cute, Taejun is the bad boy, and Jiho is the master of the empty looks. They have a band, if you believe that. Yes, Jiho is dating someone (Rye Hyeju), but it was actually a forced relationship, and I think Taejun is also dating, but there's a catch. The obviousness of TaeHoon - a pairing of Chihoon and Taejun. They are so adorable with each other, there must be something going on. And this isn't just me shipping whoever I want with whoever - they are friggin real.

Other Biases!

- Jungshin from CNBLUE
- Jungmo from TRAX
- Mir from MBLAQ
- Miryo from BEG
- Sandeul from B1A4 (or BILASSSAAAA, if you know what I mean, /cough)
- Lina from CSJH - The Grace
- Kwangmin from Boyfriend
- BoA

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  • (no subject)

    i am writing hetalia again and it feels wonderful

  • sorry

    ok guys. i don't know if you remember this from last year, but there was a point of time where I was not ok with writing smuts because of things that…

  • a little late but

    yo. finished all of my fics! it was actually yesterday but I didn't really want to comment. YAYY!!! so a new fic then?