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honeystrings = fanfiction community.

This is not a locked journal. Mainly because I don't have any fanfiction here and it's more like me talking about random crap <3. If you want to read my fanfcition or see some of my fanworks, go to honeystrings. But you should probably still become my friend, because I usually ask for your opinion on posts and other things about my fanworks.

I live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), which in Canada, if you didn't know. YES I AM A CRAZY CANADIAN! I come from the same town as Sum 41. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, which is a ways from here, and then moved to the large city of Toronto and now here, part of beautiful GTA. My name is Jules, which is an unisex name, named after Julius Cesar and all that. But you can call me by my two-letter name - Je. Or you can call me what a lot of my real life friends call me - Julia. I've been called Moose, so I really don't care whatever nickname you give me.

Okay, I guess I should start with K-Pop, 'cause that's what most people are here for, anyways.

I joined the K-pop fandom in 2010 roughly around May. My sister brought me into it. Ever since I've dwindled down my fanclubs to my top five: VIP, Cassie, ELF, ZEASTYLE and High Skool. I am also a B2UTY, A+, Lucky Seven, Cloud (Rain, not Jongwoon), TRAXIAN, Jumping BoA, Baby, Sone and KissMe. If you would like to see my biases for these groups and more, check out my bias post. And then well, you'll know who my biases are~! Because it would be too hard for me to explain them all.

My OTPs will be given their own post, too. Just wait a little while and I'll make it for you.

Now, anime + manga. I only read/watch/ship one manga and that's Hetalia. My bias is Austria, Prussia and China. I also like to write them in my fanfiction community. I know I should give them more attention and love but I can't really say much more after that.

In real life, my two best friends are cinqnuitsrouges who are my unnie and husband (shishus). I also have a bunch of other friends who don't know who i am on the internet/lj. I have an older sister, who will be known as 'K' on this blog, who sometimes draws for me, so you'll get to sometimes see fanart from her or from me even if people think I can't draw, Haha. I have two dogs that I love tremendously and I have had dogs my whole life.

My muse is music and my sister. I'm glad that my sister is always there for me, even if sometimes she doesn't want to hear about me and my fanfiction.

I don't cry that much. I don't let out my emotions that much. I guess that my writing shows that. If I write something sad, I may have gone through something bad in my life.I'm glad that I have good friends like the people that comment on my lj.

my family:
My twin - blueplue_hotaru
My Unnies - deemonic, cinqnuitsrouges & elvenknight16
My Soulmate/Jonguppie - emmyxogast

Comment below with whatever you want. I had a cool system but I've given up on it.
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